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Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Best Settings For The All In One SEO Pack Plugin

All In One SEO Pack Plugin

If you are a CMS WordPress user, then the all in One SEO Pack plugin may be familiar to your ears, this plugin has been used by more than 1 million users and has a very fantastic rating. As I have explained in the article The Basic Theory of Onpage WordPress SEO for Beginners, the use of SEO Optimization plugins has a very important role in Onpage SEO in order to increase your blog SERP in search engines. Therefore, through this post, I want to share with you the best settings for using this plugin. Please note that this setting is a setting that is often used by many webmasters in the United States.

General Setting All In One SEO Pack

Please, buddy, follow the configuration settings for the general settings that I have a screenshot below.

General Setting All In One SEO Pack

Home Page Settings

The home page set consists of the Home title, Home description, Home Keyword, and Checkmark Use a static home page instead.

  • For the Home title, please, friend, enter the title of your blog along with one or two core keywords. for example Lecturerhosting - WordPress Tutorial
  • For the home description, please, friend, fill in the description of your blog or website, try to make the description informative, rich in keywords, and meaningful.
  • For the home keyword column, can be filled or not. This is because Google does not consider meta tag keywords as the basis of their SERP anymore, but rather sees the originality and uniqueness of the content.
  • For the Use Static Frontpage Instead, don't check this section.

Title Setting

In this section, you just need to change the format in the post title, which is from% post_title% | % blog_title% becomes% post_title% as in the screenshot below.

All In One SEO Pack Plugin Title Setting

This setting is useful for preventing post titles from having too long a title because post titles that are SEO Friendly in the eyes of search engines are post titles that are no more than 60 characters.

Custom Post Settings and Display Settings

For the custom post setting, please follow my settings in the screenshot below.

All In One SEO Pack Plugin

The above setting functions so that the uploaded image can be read properly on the google image and the custom title settings above will provide powerful heading 1 for each post on the blog.

Meanwhile, for the display settings sectionWe recommend that you leave the settings by default and nothing needs to be changed.

NoIndex Setting

The setting of the NoIndex All in one SEO Pack is very important to do. This is because there are some links and pages that should not be indexed by Google such as blog archive pages, navigation, 404, search pages, and so on. If the page is indexed in search engines, it will be classified as a very low-quality page and will have a bad impact on the SERP of a blog. Therefore, please, buddy, follow the good settings in the screenshot below.

All In One SEO Pack Plugin NoIndex Setting

please tick ONLY the parts that are checked in the screenshot above.

Single Post Settings

When writing a post, the All In One SEO Pack Snippet will appear at the bottom of the post. This snippet works for Onpage SEO on a single post. Please, friend, enter the post title and description (informative and rich in keywords). However, the keyword column can be filled or not. For more details, please see the screenshot below

XML Sitemap Settings

 XML Sitemap Setting All In One SEO Pack

That's all the WordPress All In One SEO Pack plugin tutorial from me, if there are still things that are unclear or have anything to ask, please make a comment in the comments column at the bottom of this post. Thank you very much.

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